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Ghetto Love Poem   
08:27am 09/02/2008
mood: feelin da love

Gul I loveded you,
Straight up fo'sho.
Or I wouldna told dem ova girls
not to call me no mo.

I knowed it was true,
the first day I seed you.
Why you thank I do,
the thangs I do?

Remember how I use ta wine and dine you,
Schlits Malt Liquor and Bar-Ba-Que.
I gave you a bubble baze and fed you grapes.
Dey was on sale that week a dolla ninety-eight.

Romanic evenins after dark,
Skreet light walks around the block.
Like the very first time,
you came ova to my crib.
And you got all scared,
cause that roach was on yo Tims.
I was right dare,
with a can of spray.
To be yo Super Negro,
and save the day.

I ain't even pay my light bill,
so I can take you to da club.....
Don't knock ova dem candles
and burn up my rug!

And dat nite we made luv,
for a long liddle bit of time.
I hope you got yours,
cause I sho'nuff got mine.

I woke up early and made you breakfast in bed.
Sep fo I ain't have no juice, no grits, and no eggs.
Didn't have no cereals and was fresh outta milk,
so we had some toast and some potada chips instead.

I use to rub lotion on yo feets,
and massage yo back.
I found you some glue,
when you lost one of your tracks.

Now what man you knowed,
ever loveded you like dis.
Gul please just take my name
off dat child support list.


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11:48pm 03/06/2006
mood: crazy
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Tip a 40 for dis brotha.   
03:53am 11/12/2005
mood: sad
No mo Richard Pryor.

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Here go my new man, his name be Leroy.   
03:45am 11/12/2005
mood: loved
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Stop lyin, you know you wanna be hittin dat shit. He treats my big, brown, fine, ass right.


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Here go my new boyfriend. His name be Ray Ray.   
10:43pm 24/10/2004
mood: loved

He took my ass out fo dinna. Now dats my kind o man chile. WORD! Love is in da air again chile and dis time it don't be smellin like foot & ass.

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09:27pm 02/09/2004
mood: badunk-a-dunk
My man likeses it when I smile like dis.

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02:35pm 16/08/2004
mood: happy

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07:31am 19/07/2004
mood: indescribable
Who wanna get dere freak on wit Jesus? Stop lyin! You know you be wantin sum:Date Jesus

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Jesus loves you chile.   
04:31pm 09/02/2004

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Lawd have mercy chile!   
12:36am 07/02/2004
mood: surprised

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01:00am 26/12/2003
mood: drunk

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Happy Kwanzaa to my LJ homies.   
12:49am 26/12/2003
mood: indescribable
It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Kwanzaa
All 'round da ghetto;
Dere's a Caddy up on blocks,
an some crackheads smoking rocks three
bruthas had just robbed da liquor sto.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Kwanzaa
look at that crackho';
she be lookin fine, if you on crack and ripple wine ten dollars an da bitch is good to go. A piece of white ho' tail 'bout
to get bailed out of jail
Is the wish of Leroy an Montel;
A couple stolen guns to rob peeps of
their funds,is the hope of Pookey an Darnell
an sum chronic so they can get high as hell.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Kwanzaa
All 'round da ghetto;
There's a homeless drunk who's full,
of da Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, he gonna
freeze to death out in da snow.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Kwanzaa
dinner be 'bout to start,
The conebread good as hell an the chitlins
is as well but pickled pigfeets make me fart.

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08:48am 06/12/2003
mood: working
Here go da pitchas from da weddin I done went to. Dis heres be da chapel where Cici and Joenelle gotz married. Its about time Joenelle married dat girl Cici cuz dey done gotz 5 ugly azz chillrens togetha.

Here we is at da weddin reception. I tipped mad 40s in da parkin lot yo!

Congradulatshuns Cici and Joenelle. Even if ya'll do make sum ugly azz chillrens, ya'll is aiiiiggght wit my azz.

I gotz to take my big tired azz to work. Peace out. HOLLA!

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08:55pm 17/11/2003
  All dis Kobe Bryant shit. I don't see what da problem is, ain't like he can't be affording da child suppote.  

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02:02am 17/11/2003
  What up my lil homies? I is back. I hads to getz my azz a job. I ran outta monies. Didn't have no phone, no intanet connection fo a long azz time. I is now a cashier at da Piggly Wiggly. Yestaday a white boy came up in my line to pay fo a pack o bubble gum. He had a white shirt on wit a blood stain on it. Dat stain got bigga and bigga right befo my eyes. I say to him "Is you aiight?" He say to me he be aiight den he lookded all nervous and shit. I den called my managa ova. I told him dis man needs help he be bleedin. Sho nuff, my boss man found a pack o steaks shoved unda dat boys shirt so dats where da blood wuz coming from. Dey called po po and took bleedin meat white boy away. Had I knowns dat boy wuz hungry and stealin food I wouldnt o said a god damn thing.
Birthday shout out to my LJ homie outlawjesus. She gotz mad artistic skillz. She inspired my azz to make dis here. As your azz can see I be up in dere.

Happy birthday chile, tip a 40 fo my azz.

I is goin to a weddin. I'll be postin pitchas from dat shit too yo.
When yo hungry azz be needin groceries yall best bring dat azz to dis place here. HOLLA!

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01:45pm 03/09/2003
mood: sick
I was hittin dat MD 20/20 hard last night chile. I gotz so damn sick. My homeboy Gay Ramone drew dis here pitcha o my azz.


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01:10pm 27/08/2003
mood: excited
Its finally here ya'll! I is da first one in ma hood to get da new Ghettopoly Boardgame. Ya'll mo fos need to bring yo azz ova to ma crib and play dis shit here. Bring sum cold 40's wit ya azz too. I GOTZ GAME YO!


Game Board, Loan Shark Tray, 40 Crack Houses, 17 Projects, Pink Slip Cards, Ghetto Stash and Hustle Cards, 7 Game pieces (Pimp, Hoe, 40 oz, Uzi, Marijuana leaf, Basket Ball and Crack), Counterfeit Money, and 2 Dice


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10:40pm 23/08/2003
mood: excited
I done founds me a job! Peep dis shit here yo:Rent A Negro

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10:33pm 23/08/2003
  White Jesus likes ta shake dat booty!

Git down wit your bad self. Go Jesus! Go Jesus!

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05:28pm 17/08/2003
mood: aggravated
You know what be makin me so damn sick sometimes? Some o dese lil hootchies dat wear a size 0-8 for dere dress sizes ... and here dey be cryin on LJ bout how fat dey be. Ya'll biaaaaaaaaatches can kiss my black azz. I weigh ova 500 pounds and yous don't eva be hearin me cryin, talkin bout "I is too fat" "feel sorry fo my azz". I'd like to take a pitcha o me shovin a whole pie in my mouth or me divin face first in a tub o butta or ice cream, then send dese pitchas to all da skinny bitches dat be talkin bout how dey be too fat (when they really aint). When they see my fat ass eatin all da luscious good food in dem pitchas, dey gonna cry for real cuz dey be so damn jealous. I getz ta eat whateva I wants & still be sexy. Now if you is fat for real or knocked up ... dis dont apply to your azz. Hmmpf!

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