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You know what be makin me so damn sick sometimes? Some o dese lil hootchies dat wear a size 0-8 for dere dress sizes ... and here dey be cryin on LJ bout how fat dey be. Ya'll biaaaaaaaaatches can kiss my black azz. I weigh ova 500 pounds and yous don't eva be hearin me cryin, talkin bout "I is too fat" "feel sorry fo my azz". I'd like to take a pitcha o me shovin a whole pie in my mouth or me divin face first in a tub o butta or ice cream, then send dese pitchas to all da skinny bitches dat be talkin bout how dey be too fat (when they really aint). When they see my fat ass eatin all da luscious good food in dem pitchas, dey gonna cry for real cuz dey be so damn jealous. I getz ta eat whateva I wants & still be sexy. Now if you is fat for real or knocked up ... dis dont apply to your azz. Hmmpf!
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