UISUGLY (bertha69) wrote,

What up my lil homies? I is back. I hads to getz my azz a job. I ran outta monies. Didn't have no phone, no intanet connection fo a long azz time. I is now a cashier at da Piggly Wiggly. Yestaday a white boy came up in my line to pay fo a pack o bubble gum. He had a white shirt on wit a blood stain on it. Dat stain got bigga and bigga right befo my eyes. I say to him "Is you aiight?" He say to me he be aiight den he lookded all nervous and shit. I den called my managa ova. I told him dis man needs help he be bleedin. Sho nuff, my boss man found a pack o steaks shoved unda dat boys shirt so dats where da blood wuz coming from. Dey called po po and took bleedin meat white boy away. Had I knowns dat boy wuz hungry and stealin food I wouldnt o said a god damn thing.
Birthday shout out to my LJ homie outlawjesus. She gotz mad artistic skillz. She inspired my azz to make dis here. As your azz can see I be up in dere.

Happy birthday chile, tip a 40 fo my azz.

I is goin to a weddin. I'll be postin pitchas from dat shit too yo.
When yo hungry azz be needin groceries yall best bring dat azz to dis place here. HOLLA!
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